Episode 4 Youtube Tutorial on my Digital Illustration

I've started a Youtube Channel with some videos of my process of how I create my digital illustrations. This is the 4 episode on my channel. I'm also going to try and do some art product reviews of supplies I find that are great to use. 

I'm also going to include a JPG of the sketch if you would like to follow along and try doing the steps in Photoshop. I'm using Photoshop CC 2020 in the video. See the drawing below. 

3.01 Blair Hartman, artist

I can't believe I am on Season 3. I have been doing some hiatus between every 13 episodes. I decided to do with the TV industry does. I love interviewing my artist friends. I learn so much. I had the pleasure of interviewing Blair Hartman, an artist based out of Statesboro, GA. We meet from teaching in the same county. He is currently working on his own creative pursuits like a picture book. I really enjoy looking at his work, and they have such an otherworld quality to them.

Listen to the podcast at My Creative Life Blair Hartman
You can see more of his work on Instagram @artman_hartman.

2.15 Interview with Ken Perenyi, Art Forger

I happened to be watching youtube and came across this youtube video from Sunday Morning on Ken Perenyi. Go figure I found it happens to be a relation of my husband. Second cousin on his mother's side.
Here is the link to the video Sunday Morning Ken Perenyi