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Tim Burton at MOMA

I have a NYC friend of mine that just saw the exhibit and loved it. Check out the online MOMA site if you can't make the exhibit.

Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A good read for Martin Luther King Holiday.

This picture-book biography provides an ideal introduction to this leader and his works. Juxtaposing original text with quotes from King's writing and speeches, Rappaport's (Escape from Slavery) narrative offers a pastiche of scenes from King's life, beginning with his childhood experience of seeing "White Only" signs sprinkled throughout his hometown. He questions his mother about their meaning, and she assures him, "You are as good as anyone." Listening to his father preach, the boy asserts that "When I grow up, I'm going to get big words, too." Rappaport also touches upon King's role in the Montgomery bus strike that followed Rosa Park's 1955 arrest for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger and his subsequent efforts as a civil rights crusader. After briefly describing the circumstances of his death, the story concludes, quite abruptly, with the statement, "His big wor…


This is an illustration I did for Summer Shorts Anthology. It's a scan from the book. It was a poem about having to go on the high dive. With all the other kids waiting behind you. I'd feel confine if I was afraid of the height and had only 1 way out.

Submissions for New Children's Online Mag

Berry Blue Haiku

Berry Blue Haiku is a quarterly digital magazine focusing on haiku for kids of all ages. In each issue, we will bring you contests, articles, lessons, as well as puzzles with haiku/senryu related-fun.

If you are a writer or an illustrator, please familiarize yourself with our submission guidelines before submitting.

If you still have questions after reviewing our guidelines, please contact us at berrybluehaiku (at) gmail (dot) com (email must be formatted properly to function).

Our first issue is due out in June 2010.

**Submission guidelines may change without notice.

New Years Resolutions

I made some New Year's Resolutions to try and blog more. I was doing pretty well when I first started this blog but things got busy like family, school, work and freelancing. This year I'm going to make time for it. Plus be healthier when I freelance. I get so wrapped up into a project I forget to move. By the end of illustrating a book I feel like a slug. Not a good feeling. Plus I'd like to to do a mailing at least 2x a year and work up to quarterly. Make some tunnel books out of my illustrations. Also try and create a new illustration style that might work in more markets.

Andrea Dezso, artist

Love the work of this book artist: Andrea Dezso. Amazing tunnel books.

Tunnel Books New Ideas

I've been thinking about how I can make some more tunnel books. I'd like to make some out of my illustrations from the picture books.Especially after seeing the work of Chuck Miley. He's makes tunnel books and pop-ups from classical children's book stories.


I geek my local library and love the renewal process! Visit the GeekTheLibrary site to geek what your interested in.

Here's an additional sketch with the two owls reading.

My Etsy Store NOW OPEN!

I finally got up and decided I need to sell some of my original art on Please check it out!