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Redesigned Website

I finally got some time to rework my website and make this Monday and Marketing Monday. I took some inspiration from reading Holli Conger's blog A Girl Who Creates. Great stuff on her site. She is posting for every day in Dec. a tip on illustration biz. I find it really inspiring and motivating. I feel like in the past I've been really spotty when it comes to promoting my work. I'm going to try and do at least one thing each Monday to promote my work.

I think this rework in my site Nancy Miller Illustration makes it clearer that I work in pastels as a children's market illustrator. I also updated my portfolio images. I combined some pages to make it cleaner.

Oops! Forgot to embed the fonts. I checked it on my other computer and realized what I'd forgotten. Fixed it.

Illustration Friday - Winter

Here's my illustration friday piece for winter. I used this illo for a promo card last xmas.