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08 How I paint a watercolor of a mouse

Just posted a new video on my process for painting a mouse character using watercolors.

I'm also posting this coloring sheet version of it for those that want to paint their own mouse. It is a JPG file and you can copy it and save it. I took the image and put it in Photoshop and used the Image>Adjustments>Threshold option. Then I put it on a lower opacity. That way you can print and then color it in. If you are printing this on an inkjet printer please be aware that the inks will run. Print to a copier or laserjet printer for best results. Enjoy!

06 How to Photomerge a traditional drawing in Photoshop CC 2020

I created this video to show how to merge sections of a drawing you want to merge together in Photoshop. I had someone in my class ask me how I did it. Figure make a video tutorial on it.

05 Episode Tracing Your Sketch in Photoshop CC 2020

I've made a video 2. I'm posting on the weekends. Currently working at a sweet little coffee shop and getting some classwork done for my graduate class and getting a video posted. I'm getting all the business stuff done today. Saturday is a good time to do it. I'm posting links to my videos, adding to Instagram stories. The things that every artist just loves to do, said No artist ever. I've learned to try and start treating my work as a business.

I had a talk with a writer from work. He has had several books published in the SCFI genre. Discussed the nature of creative work. I want to make it a full-time job and still do some teaching on the side. I told him I feel like there is always the push in school to try and shoot for excellence which is great. I'm practical in my old age. It would be great to be a Caldecott winner, or place gold in some prestigious illustration contest. When I was first working I did get into the SILA competition. Who has the money to …