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Yes, Jesus Loves You Picture Book

I'm so excited that after many years of trying I have illustrated a picture book. Yes, Jesus Loves You by Heather Tietz. I had to read the catalog entry on by Paulist Press several times to believe it's true. It's on pg. 15 of the PDF for the Spring 09 Catolog. YEAH, Here's the catalog description:

Written by Heather Tietz, Illustrated by Nancy Miller
Yes, Jesus Loves You Ages 5-9
Yes, Jesus Loves You is a soothing stroll through God’s creation, in lullaby form. His love for us can be seen throughout all he’s made. The very shape and function of our physical bodies were designed by Him. Animals, great and small, the elements, tame and unreserved, plants, frail and strong, are often quiet lessons about God’s character and His love for humankind. Even the night itself is from God-the stars, a night light, the call of insects, a song, the darkness a reminder to pray. This charming story may be sung or simply read and lends itself easily to accompanying hand movements. It is …

Blog Cleaning

I decided to get rid of my old blog since I decided to streamline things. I've been really trying to keep things tidy, so there is no longer a link to my old blog archives on this site. Sorry if anyone had links to it.

Chris Van Allsburg

I'm a big fan of Chris Van Allsburg, but then who isn't. I recently went to his site and noticed that things had changed. It's highly interactive and too much fun.


I've been working on a new path. It's taken some time but I'm working on become an art teacher for K-12. This change has taken sometime to go through but I'm so glad I did. I recently found out that my previous job that I worked at ended up closing their offices. It's one of those things I knew I didn't want to be a inhouse graphic designer anymore. It's one of those things I've learned with time that isn't varied enough for me to be happy with. I'm almost finished with my getting my K-12 certification. Since I getting my certification I've taken so many wonderful studio classes that wasn't required with my bachelors. Ceramics, Sculpture, Printmaking, & Crafts. All of which I enjoyed. Especially Sculpture and Printmaking. The pictures above are from the Sculpture course I recently took. The professor was fantastic.

Sculpture is just too much fun. I recommend working 3D. I was really intimidated. I only took a 3D design in college. Th…

New Year's Resolutions

I think these glasses are too funny, but wonder what will happen when it's 2010? That year might not work so well. On to resolutions. I'm going to only make a few resolutions for this coming year.

1. Really try and attempt to create some digital illustrations. The operative words are "Really try". I find that I'm so fond of my pastels. I've used pastels for the past 17 years and they are my best friends. Watercolors and pen/ink make the list for 2nd and 3rd. I've seen digital illustrations that I've found to be not overly digital that I like. I wonder if I can make my digital illustrations look just like my pastel work. Then I wonder why even bother and just use the pastels? It does cut down on the need for packing and shipping. Saving money is a plus. No dirty fingers. Of course when you go down that road there is always upgrading your computer and software. I used to work at a magazine and it was tricky when the photographers switched from slides to…