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Edgar Allan Poe Portrait

This didn't turn out as well as I would have liked but it was a final assignment for the illustration course. I enjoy Poe and read him during Halloween. Not fond of color pencils. I find them to be a lot of work. My original sample for this piece was stronger.

Pol Turgeon Technique Update

Completed a finished illustration for the Pol Turgeon technique.

Flower Samples

Did some samples of various flowers from the course I took. Some better than others. Used techniques from Mark English and CF Payne.

Southern Breeze Illustrators

Nice to get some additional web coverage from the Southern Breeze Illustrators Corner.Wonderful showcase of Southern Illustrators.

Next Book "Rock-A-Bye Jesus"

Can't wait to finish class so I can get back to work on my next book project. It's been so busy trying to keep up with work and class.