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IF: Secret

This is a sketch for a 32 page children's book project that I was working on for myself. Based on a Korean folktale similar to the three little pigs. The story's antagonist is a hunger tiger who hides in secret while waiting for the mother to go away. This leaves three sisters inside the house trying to avoid letting the clever tiger inside.

We Give Books

Image What a wonderful program to bring books to kids that need them. So far with my little one we've read:
• Camping Day
• Red Truck
• You Can't Go To School Naked

Virtual Visit

I've heard more of my fellow illustrators and authors offer Skype or Virtual Visits. I'm fortunate to have a nice relationship with the author of the books I've illustrated. Heather and I did a joint presentation with a group of students. She did an amazing job. Webcam needs to be attached. I used a ziggi cam as a webcam. We tested prior to the visit to make sure it would work. Having some kind of projector to have it easier for the audience to see who they are speaking to. Make sure you have an internal or external mic. I actually had to plug in my USB external mic. Then make sure that you specify the external mic in skype. Then you are off and running. It worked really well. I think it makes it more accessible for kids to meet authors, illustrators, or artists.

Guardian Angel Magazine

Illustration assignment for Guardian Angel Magazine.

IF: Shiny

Shiny like a comet passing through the night sky. This illustration was originally created for the picture book "Yes, Jesus Loves You" by Heather Tietz.