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I thought of old fashioned canning. Hard work but tasty.


I thought of a monster getting his fill and having enough to eat.


I was thinking about using my old iMac as an addition display with my new iMac. I found some info on this in a article about Macs. There is an option called ScreenRecycler. Software made so you can use your old Mac monitor, Powerbook, or even Windows PC. I decided against this since my office is so small. I prefer more desk real estate. Less clutter. But the ScreenRecycler is an option if you really don't want to part with the old.


I seems like every child has one aversion to a veggie or another. Some illustrators and writers have done a great job with the concept. Author George McClements was featured for "Night of the Veggie Monster" on the Rachel Ray Show. Then Jessica Seinfeld wrote a cookbook, Deceptively Delicious about hiding veggies in kids foods.

Wish List

I'm slowly working on a wish list of items I'd like for my biz.
Adobe CS3.3
Probably purchase in that order. From less to more costly. Slowly getting there. I think it's always tempting to buy more then you can afford.


Reminds me of when I drink a hot cup of tea on a cool day. It always makes my glasses foggy.


I'm on to a new printmaking technique of screenprinting or serigraphy. I bought a kit with the basics included. DVD, screen, inks, and fluids. Inks are somewhat limited in the kit. Speedball did include a catalog with inks that can be ordered. There are several ways to make a screenprints: stencils, drawing fluid, or photo emulsion. Still trying to figure out what type of image to use.

NEW Office Chair

I'm so excited to have a real office chair. For many years I went without and used the most uncomfortable folding chair. Found the new chair at Target which had a nice plush feel and affordable price. My back is sighing with relief. Please excuse the office mess.

New Promo Card

I just set about mailing a new promotional postcard through the's site partner I think I'll be using this for now on for my mailers. What I've found in the past when I've order larger number of postcards is that I get stuck with all these old leftovers. I'd rather think more about who I'm sending my work to. Make sure it fits their publishing house or magazine. I never send out as nearly as many as I would like too. I also like the address book that keeps all your contacts. It was $1.21 for a single postcard. They also have several options for postcard sizes and folding cards.

Boy & Kitten Sketch



Originally I thought of eating or tasting something sour, but decided to look it up in the dictionary to see what it said. The one that caught my eye was the "gratingly wrong or off pitch (a sour note)."

The Couch

Got a chance to catch some subject matter on the couch.

Little Girl Chase Sketch

Another sketch of the fairy girl from the chase sketch.

Chase Sketch



I participated in an artist trading card show online. It was with the Ankney Art Center.

Magic Trick

Thought I'd work more on illustrations that relate to have some kids in it. I'm going to try and work my way up to 3 kids and then 4 kids. Also try to carry scenes over into 3 or 4 illustrations.

Outdoor Sketches


MFA Illustration Program

I found this program at the University of Hartford, CT. It's a unique program. It's a limited residency MFA program. The program is designed for working illustrators that want to enhance their skills or further their careers and/or teach at the university level.I've been looking at other programs, but the limited residency program really caught my eye.