Monday, January 17, 2011

Marketing Tuesday, Jan. 11th

I'm a day early. Decided with the holiday to take advantage of some spare time. I'm over 50 on my mailing list. I'm half way to 100. Yeah! I've been viewing other illustrator sites/blogs to find publishers. I'm still on a tight budget. But I think you get a bit more creative when you are on a tight budget.

I'm hoping to eventually get time to make a presentation of my work on Prezi. This is a nice way to make a presentation that isn't so slide based. It take some getting used to working on the canvas. I wanted to repeatedly use my quick key commands. It's browser based. So you don't have to worry about mac/pc or if they have the software. I think it has promise.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Marketing Tuesday, Jan. 11

I've been researching online for various publishers. I tried googling for "Illustration Submissions". That had mixed results there's a lot of things you have to weed through if you are looking children's book publishers. After about 5 pages of this I decided to see how current my info was in my 2008 Children's Market Book. I'm working on a budget. It helps to google the publisher to double check them on JacketFlap. That helps. Now I'm up to 30 for my mailing. I try not to get discouraged at my slow progress. I'm still working on illustrating a fourth book title the talented author Heather Tietz. This is my 3rd illustration job with the same author. It's been a wonderful experience. I love her work.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marketing Tues Jan 4th

I started my Marketing Tues. on Jan. 4th. I decided to spend time adding names to my mailing list for my future promo card mailer. I found some listings off of the Children's Book Council site. If you click on the "For Members" section you can access CBC member list. They have a link to each members site and lists if they accept unsolicited submissions. Then I doubled back and check on the website to see their backlist and submission guidelines.

When I have some freelance money coming in I'll opt to buy the Market books. I noticed the 2011 Artists and Graphic Designer's book is now available online. I think that's better than having the hardcopy. They get outdated so quickly.

Monday, January 3, 2011

#31 – Now go and do!

Here's the link to Holli Conger's Site. Enjoy!
#31 – Now go and do!

Ideas for Interiors

I enjoy visiting thi site called Design Sponge. I think it helps to get ideas for interior spaces for illustrations. Sometimes you need something that looks more contemporary. Check it out. If not for your illustrations you get ideas for your own home space! I like how the organized the books in this picture by color. I wish I where that organized.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Promo Card

After a couple of years, I finally got motivated enough to create a new promo card to send out to ADs. I got really excited after following Holli Conger's website for Dec. Now I just need to wait for pay day and I can get them printed and mailed out. My marketing days I will have on Tues. Should be fun.

Wizard Sketch

I watched the movie "The Color of Magic" based on the novel by Terry Pratchett. It was a good fantasy movie. Complete with everything you would want to see in a magical world.

IF - Resolution

Here's a sketch for this week's theme resolution. Save more money! That's a personal resolution for this year.