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I'm Thankful

I'm enjoying my time off while illustrating book #3. I must say if you ever done any teaching especially with children it can be exciting, enjoyable, and exhausting all at the same time. Being an art educator has taught me how you can explore all kinds of avenues of art. I get to see every day how much the students love art. Especially the kinders. Can you remember that time when you valued your art so much that you wouldn't give it up, and you just purely enjoyed making any type of mark? I find that it's been a long journey back to that frame of mind. When you work so hard to succeed as an illustrator you forget at times the value of your own work and find time to just make art for oneself. I'd gotten so critical about everything I did or made. I've finally gotten to the point where I value the work that I make like my kinders and feel that i deserve to keep the rights and payment. I expect that now. I remember when I used to sell myself short.

I get the incorpora…