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SCBWI Redesign

I'm so excited to learn that the SCBWI is updating their site. Can't wait to see it!


This is a great site,, of wonderful picture books being read by various actors. I especially enjoyed the books by Nina Laden. Great illustrator and writer.

Free Coloring Page

With the upcoming release of "Yes, Jesus Loves You" by Heather Tietz art by Nancy Miller I've made a coloring page from one of the interior illustrations. Check it out.

Free Page

Serbin is having a drawing for a full page ad in the Illustration Directory.

Illustrating a 2nd book

I'm working on illustrating a 2nd book. A book of bedtime poems by various authors for ages 0-9. The more I work on it the more excited I get. It's so hard to imagine that in the end it will become a finished book. I start working on a book and it usually takes a year or longer before I see the finished product. I wish I could share some of the photos of it.