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Korean Illustrators

It's interesting looking at the various styles of illustrators overseas. They have such a unique aesthetic. Korean Illustrator's Group. I love the work of Park, Sun-Young and Chun Hea-Ryoung. These two ladies have such amazing work. They have interviews under the interview section. There is video but it is not subtitled. I want to step into the work of Park Sun-Young. Chun Hea-Ryoung work is layered and dynamic collage.

My First Book of Korean Words: An ABC Rhyming Book

This was a fun intro book for young children on some simple Korean words. My First Book of Korean Words by Henry Amen and Kyubyong Park.

Here's the description from My First Book of Korean Words introduces Korean language and culture to preschool children in a gentle, playful way. Its ABC structure provides a familiar framework that encourages fun and easy learning. The mix of everyday words, sound words and words specific to Korean life gives kids a varied sample of language and culture. Each word taught is shown in Hangeul as well as in its Romanized form, and cultural and linguistic notes here and there enhance the learning experience. Kids will love Ji-min and her friends as they join her from page to colorful page!

It brings up some points about the Korean language not having some of the same letter sounds and illustrations are very cute!

IF: Whiskers

Quick sketch. I thought of the St. Nick for this one.

Learning Korean

I've been wanting to learn korean for some time. Here are some great sites I've found that can help with learning the language and culture.

Sweet and Tasty TV with Professor OH
Eat Your Kimchi with Simon and Martina
Groove Magazine
Maangchi Korean Food Recipes

Jan. 2013 Guardian Angel Ezine

Just finished a editorial illustration for Guardian Angel's Childrens Ezine. Preview. It's not the entire illustration. It will be in their Jan. 2013 issue.

Cocoa Shop Open

Sketch for a cocoa bear shop. Things look so much cuter when written in korean. I thought about Maurice Sendak's illustrations of Little Bear. Especially the story about when he asked his mother for a coat, etc.