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3.12 Maggie Roth Freelance Illustrator

This episode of My Creative Life I had the pleasure of talking with Maggie Roth. Here is a little about Maggie. Maggie Roth is an Oklahoma based artist. She received her BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019. Maggie moved to Oklahoma after graduating. Maggie explores the art direction of both styles she is passionate about, her illustrative style, and minimalist linework style. As a freelance artist, her current work is focused on her minimalist abstract linework. She explores the complicated essence of our human experience in life through the simplicity of a line. To see Maggie's work visit Instagram@MaggieRoth_ To listen visit My Creative Life Podcast.

MerMay Challenge for May

I decided to try and participate in the MerMay 2020. I created a video on my drawing process and then the final animation. I'm going to add some more videos on using After Effects basics. I'm new to After Effects. I'm also going to work on some more drawing tutorials. How to draw a rabbit. Looking forward to making these videos. This week I had an interview with Mariyka Auber a surface designer for Carter's. I also have an interview next week coming up with freelance illustrator Maggie Roth.

3.11 Mariyka Auber Surface Designer & Illustrator

Mariyka was a delight to speak with as we share the interest of surface design and children's books. Here is a bit about Mariyka. Mariyka Auber is a freelance illustrator and in-house designer for Carter's. She specializes in cute animal characters and whimsical hand lettering, and infuses humor and emotion into everything she produces. Aside from art, Mariyka loves taking care of her ever-growing indoor jungle, watching home renovation shows, and taking weekend hikes through the forest.  She lives in Atlanta with her fluffy bobtail cat, Jasper. To see more of her work visit Listen to the podcast interview at My Creative Life.

3.10 Anna Brettschneider, Textile and Rug Designer

Today I had Anna Brettschneider, textile and rug designer based out of NYC. Here is more about Anna. Anna is currently a textile & rug designer at Crosby Street Studios and resides in New York City. She focuses on designing hand-painted surface patterns with bright, bold and modern color schemes. While incorporating her skills in painting, drawing, and printmaking her design work maintains a very organic style and upbeat aesthetic. Vibrant color and spirited use of linework can be found in all of her work. When she is not creating, you will find her reading design magazines, researching and shopping upcoming trends, and also seeking adventure while traveling to new spots. Anna Instagram Anna Brettschneider Website Coolstuff.NYC Visit My Creative Life to listen!

My video tutorial on How to draw using a Loomis head.

I think it is really nice to provide some type of system that works for drawing heads. The Loomis head was a system created by Andrew Loomis an American Illustrator. I use it all the time now.

Surface Design Collab with @typebyNikita

I made a video of my check out the pattern in Adobe Illustrator. Nikita is a graphic designer and professor of graphic design. He has been creating this comprehensive Adobe Illustrators for free on is IG.  Check out @typebynikita .

3.09 Marjorie Crosby-Fairall, Children's Book Illustrator

In this episode, I got to talk with award-winning children's book illustrator Marjorie Crosby-Fairall. She is based out of Australia. Here is more about Marjorie. When I was a little girl I escaped to the library as often as possible where I spent hours devouring picture books and minutely examining their illustrations. I was very young when I decided to become an illustrator like my then-favorite illustrator C.W. Anderson (what little girl doesn’t love horse drawings?). Encouraged by my creative family, I gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Northern Illinois University. Following my move to Australia, I worked in many areas of illustration, including picture book illustrations. I live in Sydney with my husband and son and spend my days happily illustrating books in the company of my dog, Junior. I love to experiment with new techniques for my illustrations, but always seem to return to my beloved and well-used color pencils. Released Nov

iPad stand and how I record my videos demonstrations

I've had people ask me how do record my video demos. I use a stand I made from PVC pipe. I'm posting a video on youtube and here are the plans. I've also included a photo of what the cutters look like. $6 at my local hardware store. I made 11 of these stands. The cost was about $3 for each stand.    Here are the related videos for what I use to make my videos.

3.08 Jen Dunlap textile designer and owner of Bon & Venture

I interviewed Jen Dunlap a talented textile designer and owner of Bon & Venture based in Savannah, Georgia. She has a lovely selection of scarves, kaftans, and bags with her textile designs. The designs capture the charm and feel of living in the South. It was a really informative interview and learned so much about how she got into the business of textile design.  To see her work visit her store site Bon & Venture website Bon & Venture Instagram Bon & Venture Facebook Listen to the interview at My Creative Life.

Drawing a Stylized Mouse Tutorial

I made a video recording of how I would stylize a mouse. I also included details about what types of pencils I like to use to draw with.