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Bunnies I heart them

I'm really into drawing bunnies of late and I will have more in the future completed. I'm going to try and do a promo piece postcards with several of these bunny illustrations. In the mean time I'm writing a little poem for a picture book based off of some illustration I did.

IF: Wool

I thought of an illustration I'd done for a Christian children's book. The shepherds are tending their flock of sheep.

IF: Storm

The theme Storm reminds me of the illustration I did of a storm coming onto the beaches of Tybee, GA. This illustration was done in pastel.


Everyone has their own way of sending out promotional material to prospective clients. In the past I've had postcards printed and mailed them out or sent out letter size print outs. These days I do things differently. I like something about having more of a hands on involvement with my mailers. I gang my images on letter size doc in InDesign. Then I make a PDF of the pages. Then I go to my local staples to get it printed out in color on premium white paper. I find I just don't get the quality I want off of my own printer. I hand cut the images out. It's not too bad since they are 4up. The images are spray mounted on to cover stock paper that I've used my regular pinter to print my contact info on the back. I feel like the final looks better then the old postcards I sent out. There is hand quality to it and I'm not stuck with way more postcards then I need.

Work changes and evolves and this method allows me more control on the quantity and quality. I make inner …

Feb Coloring Sheet

Click to download a PDF of this coloring sheet.