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I never got spam before but boy is it racking up these spam comments from other countries.

Working Differently 2

Had to try a new technique. Try Pol Turgeon's. He's a great illustrator, but boy does the stuff he uses stink to high heaven. Just the smell of the L&B cracking varnish just about did me in. It's made out of ox bile. Ugh. When you cover your painting with it and use a blow dryer it creates some amazing cracks on the top. After that he goes back in with oil paint and rubs it off. The oil paint stays in the cracks so you can see them. It was interesting.

Here's a close up of the cracks:

The cracking varnish costs about $9 for a small bottle. Lefranc & Beourgeois. They also make an aging varnish but I really didn't think it made that much of a difference. Could have saved $9.

Working Differently

I am such a creature of habit. Working in a different materials besides pastels is like having my teeth pulled. Figuratively. After working in acrylics which I haven't done in 13 years it made me appreciate my pastels even more. I'll be glad when I can get back to my pastel for the next picture book.

Graduate School

I started a graduate course for my masters. I realize after starting it that I'd rather be spending the time and energy to finish books. I think after this one course I'll be back to focusing on my illustration work more. I may think about other programs that may suit my focus.