This is a great site,, of wonderful picture books being read by various actors. I especially enjoyed the books by Nina Laden. Great illustrator and writer.


Anonymous said…
I am graduating this week and wondered if you have any advice for getting into the illustration market. I own several of the children's illustrator's market books and, though I typicially work with traditional illustration, I am a graphic design major as well.
Congrats on graduation that's a big moment. I visited your blog and your illustration work is well done. If you want to work in the children's book market I'd suggest joining the SCBWI. I found the conferences to be helpful and the people that you meet are exceedingly nice. I still keep in touch w/several of the people I met via a conference. Being a designer is a plus since you be able to design your own promos, site and have a grasp of marketing. Start targeting your work to specific publishers. Postcards are helpful. I'm particular about who I send my work to. Good luck and happy design/illustration!

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