05 Episode Tracing Your Sketch in Photoshop CC 2020

I've made a video 2. I'm posting on the weekends. Currently working at a sweet little coffee shop and getting some classwork done for my graduate class and getting a video posted. I'm getting all the business stuff done today. Saturday is a good time to do it. I'm posting links to my videos, adding to Instagram stories. The things that every artist just loves to do, said No artist ever. I've learned to try and start treating my work as a business.

I had a talk with a writer from work. He has had several books published in the SCFI genre. Discussed the nature of creative work. I want to make it a full-time job and still do some teaching on the side. I told him I feel like there is always the push in school to try and shoot for excellence which is great. I'm practical in my old age. It would be great to be a Caldecott winner, or place gold in some prestigious illustration contest. When I was first working I did get into the SILA competition. Who has the money to keep sending work into contests? It gets expensive at $25 per entry.

The coworker, he made the analogy that there are different kinds of painters. There are those that make the fine art paintings, and then those that paint houses and make a full-time living. I think I want to be in the second category. I'm practical by nature. I want multiple streams of income from my teaching and art. I think maybe it is not as interesting at parties to mention I have 7 streams of income I'm trying to work-up to in these different platforms. Who cares? At the end of the day, I want to have autonomy in what I do. Spending time on what I find interesting and exciting to do. I would like to try and make a coloring book, work on surface design patterns, learn new artforms, make video tutorials, and review art supplies. I want to interview other artists and what they have done and learned. I want to visit studios and maybe speak at a conference. I wish I had learned these things a lot sooner. I would have pursued things more fully. Live and learn. Not everyone has to follow a certain road map. When I think about it the roads change with time. New streets get added, and I see so much potential in doing things nontraditionally. I will keep everyone posted on how it goes.


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