First Book Signing

After several months of contacting I finally had my first book signing. I've learned some things for this experience. Even after you get a first book published there is so much effort that one has to put into promoting it. It takes repeated contacts with a bookstore to get a signing. I'm sure if you have awards attached to the book or backed by a major publisher the experience is probably very different.

Most of the kids that were at the signing were there to be read to and do an art project. They seemed to enjoy it. Working at a book signing is way more easier then trying to coral students in an art room. It was a nice laid back experience. I could probably have thrown in a drawing demo. Overall without a drawing demo it took about 45 min. Then there was a signing at the front of the store. I think I would have liked it if it was possible to have the signing in the children's book section. But with that said I got a customer that came up and bought 2 without having had a child attend the session.

I realized due to the kind and thoughtful patronage of family and friends I was able to sell about 12 books in a hour. I could hope for more, but for a first time signing I think it wasn't too bad. I had fun.


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