2.11 Episode Nancy Miller Grad School Reflection

On this episode, I decided to spend some time reflecting on my quarter in graduate school. Had an amazing time learning and growing as an artist. 
The Linda Warner Constantino - Illustration Professor provided a checklist that I'm using in my work from now on.
The 5 C's. Are these things working in your artwork?
1. Color
2. Composition
3. Concept
4. Contrast
5. Craftsmanship
I've got several more interviews lined up with some more creative awesome people coming up, so stay tuned!
I need to keep that up and reminds me I need to practice drawing. It's been a few days since I opened my sketchbook. Below are some of the channels of youtubers I mentioned that I learned from. Great stuff! Thanks for listening to this episode![
Great Youtube Channels to watch in Concept Art


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