Technique/Style Change

I wonder how often does an illustrator change their style. I've been thinking about changing mine to a very different one. I've enjoyed printmaking so much I've been thinking about going away from my pastel work towards the looser feel of the lino cuts. You can see from my previous post. I enjoy the process and the texture that I see with the lino work, but then my pastels have been my old friend. I've also been thinking about exploring more digital techniques. I keep reading about how many illustrators are making the switch to using a wacom tablet. I've been thinking about changing for a while. So many choices.


Hi Nancy, Nice to see your lino prints on here, they look great and i like the way you recycle your frames etc. I also collect stuff, old packaging, orange bags etc. Never know when you might need them! I used to major in Printmaking when I was at uni, although I don't do much these days as I don't have a press but it looks like you are using a rolling pin! good idea.
I also notice that you are a freelance graphic designer by day (that is what I do too) and that you also want to be a children's book illustrator, I also have that aspiration. IN regards to your comments about maybe going to the Wacom tablet, I think they are definitely very handy at times, and can help you get things done quicker, but sometimes you lose a bit of spontanaety and as you know on the computer you can click undo too many times. I would say give it a go, but keep doing your lovely lino cuts for some fresh hand done work.
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I may start out small with the wacom tablet. I was visiting an illustrator with a great blog, Dani Jones. She had a section that broke down the different tablet options.

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