2.10 Episode Alicia Young Art

In this episode 2.10 of My Creative Life, I have Alicia Young a children's book illustrator, mural artist, and glitter painter. She was kind enough to be interviewed and share her process with me. Here is a little about her below:
Alicia loves being a Jesus follower and Texas girl. She attended art college in beautiful Connecticut, and received her BFA in Painting in 2009 from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Alicia truly enjoys illustrating Childrens' books, painting murals, and  recently released her own two devotional books! She thanks the Lord for the gift of art and truly desires to spread joy and to bring God glory through each unique piece she creates!

To see more of Alicia's work:

Alicia Young Art Website
Alicia Young Art Instagram
Alicia Young Art Etsy
Listen to the episode on My Creative Life. 


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